Indian Baby Names As Per Numerology

Total 1650 Baby Boy Names Found As Per Numerology For Number 11
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aadam The first prophet of Allah 11 Boy
Aadheen Obedient, Submissive 11 Boy
Aaditey Son of Aditi, The Sun 11 Boy
Aakarshan Attraction, Charm 11 Boy
Aanal Fire 11 Boy
Aapt Reliable, Trustworthy, Successful, Logical 11 Boy
Aar Light bringer 11 Boy
Aaraiz Rain bearing cloud 11 Boy
Aariket Lord Ganesh, Against desire 11 Boy
Aarish First Ray of Sun, Sky 11 Boy
Aarpit To donate, To give or offer something, Offered, Dedicated 11 Boy
Aarvinder Of the God of heavens 11 Boy
Aaryaman Noble-minded, Aristocratic, Noble, Belonging to the Sun, The Sun, Friend 11 Boy
Aaryik Respected, Masterful 11 Boy
Aashir Living, Captivating, Fascinating 11 Boy
Aashirvad Blessings 11 Boy
Aashish Blessings 11 Boy
Aauf Awf guest, Fragrance, Lion 11 Boy
Abdal Slave of the high 11 Boy
Abdud Daar Servant of the depriver 11 Boy
Abdul Baasit Servant of the expander, Extender 11 Boy
Abdul Badi Slave of the originator, Servant of the incomparable 11 Boy
Abdul Ghafoor Servant of the forgiver 11 Boy
Abdul Ghafur Servant of the forgiver 11 Boy
Abdul Hakam Servant of the arbitrator 11 Boy
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the wise one 11 Boy
Abdul Halim Servant of the forbearing one, Servant of the patient one 11 Boy
Abdul Hannan Slave of the merciful 11 Boy
Abdul Haqq Servant of the truth 11 Boy
Abdul Jabbar Servant of the compeller 11 Boy
Abdul Karim Servant of the noble, Generous one 11 Boy
Abdul Khafiz Servant of the descender 11 Boy
Abdul Maane Servant of the withholder 11 Boy
Abdul Momit Servant of the death-giver 11 Boy
Abdul Muhaimin Slave of the protector 11 Boy
Abdul Muhsi Servant of the reckoner 11 Boy
Abdul Mumin Servant of the guardian of faith 11 Boy
Abdul Munim Servant of the benefactor (Allah) 11 Boy
Abdul Nihab Knowledge 11 Boy
Abdul Rafi One who raises intellect, Esteem, One who elevates, Slave of the exalter 11 Boy
Abdul Raouf Servant of the most merciful 11 Boy
Abdul Sattar The servant of the protector 11 Boy
Abdul Tawwab Slave of the acceptor of repentance, The relenting 11 Boy
Abdul Wahhab Servant of the best-owner 11 Boy
Abdul Waliy Slave of the protecting friend 11 Boy
Abdul Waris Servant of the survivor 11 Boy
Abdul Warith Servant of the supreme inheritor 11 Boy
Abdul Wasi Slave of the all embracing 11 Boy
Abdul-Badi Servant of the incomparable 11 Boy
Abdur Raoof Servant of the compassionate 11 Boy
Abdur Rauf Servant of the compassionate 11 Boy
Abdus A narrator of Hadith 11 Boy
Abel Healthy, Vanity, Breath, Breathing 11 Boy
Abhijay Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory 11 Boy
Abhijun Expert, Skilled 11 Boy
Abhimanyusuta Son, Abhimanyu 11 Boy
Abhinabhas Renowned, Famous 11 Boy
Abhir A cowherd, Name of dynasty 11 Boy
Acalesvara God of the immovable, Another name of Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Acaryasuta Son of the teacher, Another name of asvatthaman 11 Boy
Achyuthan Indestructible 11 Boy
Adbhutah Wonderful God 11 Boy
Adhinath The first Lord, Lord Vishnu 11 Boy
Adhip King, Ruler 11 Boy
Adhvait Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality 11 Boy
Adisesh Lord Vishnu, The divine serpent 11 Boy
Aditeya The Sun 11 Boy
Advaith Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality 11 Boy
Adviteeya Unique, The first one. no second, The Sun or one which has no end 11 Boy
Aghornath Lord Shiva, The Lord of the aghoris 11 Boy
Agnimitra Friend of fire 11 Boy
Aharsi The Sun, King of the day 11 Boy
Ailiyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and Love with God 11 Boy
Ainesh The suns glory, Sunshine 11 Boy
Ajah Unborn 11 Boy
Ajathasathru Person who has no enemies 11 Boy
Ajatshatru Who has no enemies 11 Boy
Ajminder Presence of the God of heaven 11 Boy
Akaaldeep Eternal lamp, Lamp of the God 11 Boy
Akalvir One who conquers peace, Gods immortal warrior 11 Boy
Akanshit One who is desired 11 Boy
Akhalesh Name of Shankar jee 11 Boy
Akhyath Famous 11 Boy
Akilesh Indestructible, Immortal 11 Boy
Akmal Complete 11 Boy
Akshayah Everlasting 11 Boy
Al Abbas Description of a lion 11 Boy
Al-BadÎ' The originator 11 Boy
Alek Defender of mankind 11 Boy
Al-Halim The forebearing 11 Boy
Al-Haqq The truth 11 Boy
Al-Mudhill The humiliator 11 Boy
Al-Muhsi The appraiser 11 Boy
Al-Mumin The inspirer of faith 11 Boy
Al-Mu'min The granter of security 11 Boy
Alolupan One of the kauravas 11 Boy
Al-Qahhar The subduer 11 Boy
Amalbir Pure and brave 11 Boy
Aman Peace 11 Boy
Amaresh Name of Lord Indra 11 Boy
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