Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra Names For Girl

Total 243 Hindu Girl Names For 'Poorva Phalguni' Nakshatra Found
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Modaki Delightful 8 Girl
Modini Happy, Cheerful 1 Girl
Mohana Attractive, Charming, Infatuating, Beautiful 7 Girl
Mohanadhvani Name of a Raga 11 Girl
Mohanakalyani Name of a Raga 8 Girl
Mohanam Beautiful, Good looking 11 Girl
Mohanapriya Loving, Attractive & charming 4 Girl
Mohanasri Attractive, Charming 8 Girl
Mohani Charming, Infatuating, Beautiful, An Apsara or celestial nymph 6 Girl
Mohasha Suggest meaning 11 Girl
Mohini Enchantress, Charming, Fascinating, Jasmine, An Apsara or celestial 5 Girl
Mohisha Intellect 1 Girl
Mohita Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered 3 Girl
Mohitha Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered 11 Girl
Mohitra Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Mohona Attractive 3 Girl
Mojith Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Moksha Salvation 22 Girl
Mokshita Liberated, Free 6 Girl
Mokshitha Liberated, Free 5 Girl
Moksin Free from attachment, Seeking salvation, Liberated, Free 9 Girl
Molina Tree that grows from root 1 Girl
Molisha Princess 5 Girl
Molshree Orange colored very fragrant flowers which grow on a tree 5 Girl
Molu Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Mona Little noble one, Solitary, Single, Wish 7 Girl
Monal Bird 1 Girl
Monalika One of the thousand names of the Hindu Goddess 4 Girl
Monalisa Noble 3 Girl
Monashini Excellent 3 Girl
Moneesha Intelligent, Lord Krishna, Beautiful, Solitary 8 Girl
Moneshaa Intelligent, Lord Krishna 4 Girl
Monisha Intelligent, Lord Krishna, Beautiful, Solitary 7 Girl
Monishka Intelligence 9 Girl
Monpriti Heart lover 6 Girl
Monu Cool Soft; Pretty 9 Girl
Moon The Moon 3 Girl
Moonika Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Moshika Princess 4 Girl
Mothi Pearl 11 Girl
Mothika Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Moubani A flower 3 Girl
Moukthika Pearl 1 Girl
Moulana Silent; Calm 5 Girl
Moulika The original, Love 1 Girl
Moulya Together 6 Girl
Moumita Sweet friend 11 Girl
Mouna Silent 1 Girl
Mounavi Silent Person 5 Girl
Mounica Silence 4 Girl
Mounika Silence 3 Girl
Mounisha Goddess Parvati; Moon Light 1 Girl
Mounitha Suggest meaning 11 Girl
Mourin Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Mousami Seasonal 1 Girl
Moushumee Derived from the word Mausam which means season, And can also be Mausami 3 Girl
Moutuli Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Taalika Palm, Calm, Nightingale, Key, A list 1 Girl
Taamasi Night, Rest, A river 1 Girl
Taanaya Daughter, Born of the body 9 Girl
Taani Encouragement; Faith 9 Girl
Taania Daughter, Born of the body 1 Girl
Taara Star, The pupil of the eye, Meteor, Fragance 5 Girl
Taaraka Star, Meteor, Pupil of the eye 8 Girl
Taarika A small star, Starlet, Divine, Film actress 7 Girl
Taarini Saviour, She who frees, She who delivers from sin, Another name for Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati 9 Girl
Tabu Army; Excellent; Army Body 8 Girl
Tahaswini Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Taheli Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Tahnyat Congratulate 8 Girl
Taiunaya Absorbed in, Identical 11 Girl
Tajagna Brilliant 9 Girl
Takshaya Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Takshii Eyes like a pigeon 5 Girl
Takshika Bliss 8 Girl
Takshvi Goddess Lakshmi 9 Girl
Takshya Suggest meaning 22 Girl
Taksvih Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Talli Young 9 Girl
Taluni Young 5 Girl
Tama Night 8 Girl
Tamali A tree with very dark bark 2 Girl
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of Tamal 5 Girl
Tamanna Desire, Wish, Ambition 1 Girl
Tamasa A river, Darkness 1 Girl
Tamashree Whole, Perfect 9 Girl
Tamasi Night, Rest, A river 9 Girl
Tamasvi Darkness 22 Girl
Tamasvini Night 9 Girl
Tamayanthy Suggest meaning 11 Girl
Tambura A musical instrument 22 Girl
Tamil Selvi Pride of tamilains 5 Girl
Tamilarasi Queen of Tamil language 4 Girl
Tamira Magic 8 Girl
Tammana Desire, Wish 9 Girl
Tamsa Name of a river 9 Girl
Tanarupi Name of a Raga 1 Girl
Tanashvi A blessing for richness or wealthiness 4 Girl
Tanasi Beautiful princess 1 Girl
Tanavi Attractive, Slender 22 Girl
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