Different Names Of Goddess Radha

Total 28 Indian Baby Girl Names For Goddess Radha Found
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Bhagavati Goddess Durga, One who possesses bhag which is Said to have six attributes, Viz., Supremacy, Righteousness, Fame, Prosperity, Wisdom and discrimination, Epithet of Lakshmi 8 Girl
Binodini Joyful girl 4 Girl
Brindha Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha, Popular, Accompanied by many, The holy Tulsi plant 11 Girl
Gaurangi Giver of happiness, Another name of Goddess Radha, Beloved of Lord Krishna, Fair complexioned 6 Girl
Kamesvari Goddess Parvati, The Lord of desires, She is the queen of transcendental lust 9 Girl
Kanupritha Goddess Radha, Soothing 11 Girl
Kanupriya Goddess Radha, Beloved of Kanha - Lord Krishna 8 Girl
Keshavi Goddess Radha, Long beautiful hair 3 Girl
Lalita Beautiful, Women, Desirable, Graceful, Musk, A musical Raag graceful 1 Girl
Manmayi Sri Radha 4 Girl
Nitya Eternal, Constant, Another name for Durga 6 Girl
Prema Love, Beloved 8 Girl
Raadhika Goddess Radha, Successful, The beloved of Lord Krishna, Wealthy 8 Girl
Radha Wealth, Success, Lightning, Lord Krishna's Love, Intellectual energy, Prosperity, Inspiration 5 Girl
Radhika Goddess Radha, Successful, The beloved of Lord Krishna, Wealthy 7 Girl
Rai Goddess Radha 1 Girl
Ramani Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman, Pretty, Affectionate, Pleasant, Happy 11 Girl
Rasika Protector of all gods, Connoisseur, Discerning, Elegant, Beautiful, Passionate 5 Girl
Ridhika Successful, Love of Lord Krishna: Radha 6 Girl
Shreeprada Goddess Radha, Giver of wealth 5 Girl
Shrikama Goddess Radha, Shri - divine Kama - loveliness, Beauty, Radiance 8 Girl
Suamya She is pleasing like the Moon 8 Girl
Tulasi Sacred plant, A sacred plant (Basil), Unmatched, Unique, A sacred leaf thought to be the incarnation of Mahalakshmi 1 Girl
Varajottama The greatest fem 5 Girl
Vrinda Basil, Goddess Radha, Holy, Many, All, A chorus of singers, Tulsi or sacred Basil 5 Girl
Vrndavanesvari Queen of vrndavana 8 Girl
Vrunda Basil, Goddess Radha, Holy, Many, All, A chorus of singers, Tulsi or sacred Basil 8 Girl
Yamuna Jamuna river 3 Girl
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