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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aadya   First power, Goddess Durga, First, Unequalled, Perfect, The earth, Another ornament 5 Girl
Aarya  Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati 1 Girl
Abhavya Improper, Fear-causing 6 Boy
Aeindri Power of Lord Indra 6 Unisex
Agnijwaala One who is poignant like fire, It signifies fire 7 Girl
Ahankaara One with pride 11 Girl
Ameyaa Boundless, Magnanimous, One who is beyond measure (Celebrity Name: Madhoo (Roja)) 1 Girl
Anekashastrahasta Possessor of many hand weapons 5 Girl
Anekastradhaarini Possessor of many missile weapons 1 Girl
Anekavarna One who has many complexions 7 Girl
Anika Goddess Durga, The brilliance of stone 9 Girl
Aparna Goddess Parvati, Leafless, One who lives without eating even leaves, Name of Durga's or parvatee 6 Girl
Apraudha One who never gets old 7 Girl
Aryahi Goddess Durga 8 Girl
Bahula Cow, Kritika Nakshatra 9 Girl
Bahulaprema One who is loved by all 8 Girl
Balaprada The bestower of strength 11 Girl
Bhaavini Emotional, The beautiful woman eminent, Emotional, Caring, Noble, Beautiful 3 Girl
Bhaavya Grand, Splendid, Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess Paarvati, Beautiful, Brilliant 6 Girl
Bhadrakaali Fierce form of Kali, Goddess Durga 5 Girl
Bhavaani   Goddess Parvati, Consort of Bhava i.e. parvatee, Name of a Goddess of Shakti cult, Name of a river, Name of the sword given to Shivaji by the Goddess Bhavani 4 Girl
Bhavamochani   The absolver of the universe 7 Girl
Bhavaprita One who is loved by the universe 8 Girl
Bhavya Grand, Splendid, Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess Paarvati, Beautiful, Brilliant 5 Unisex
Braahmi Sacred, Holy, A kind of plant 7 Girl
Brahmavaadini One who is present everywhere 4 Girl
Buddhi Enlightenment 3 Girl
Buddhida The bestower of wisdom 8 Girl
Chaamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda 3 Girl
Chandaghanta One who has mighty bells 1 Girl
Chandamundavinashini Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and munda 9 Girl
Chinta Tension 1 Girl
Chita Death-bed 5 Girl
Chiti Love 4 Girl
Chitra Painting, Picture, A Nakshatra, Brilliant, Illustrious, Excellent, Worldly illusion, Attractive, Heaven 5 Unisex
Chittarupa One who is in thought-state 9 Girl
Dakshakanya Able daughter 6 Girl
Dakshayajñavinaashini Interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha 7 Girl
Devamata Mother Goddess 22 Girl
Durga   Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, Inpenetrable, The terrifying Goddess 6 Girl
Ekakanya The girl child 6 Girl
Ghorarupa Having a fierce outlook 6 Girl
Gyaana Full of knowledge, A Devi name 22 Girl
Jalodari Abode of the ethereal universe 7 Girl
Jaya Goddess Durga, Victory, Conquest, Name of Parvati who was the daughter of Daksh and the consort of Shiva, The 3rd, 8 th or 13th lunar days of either half-month, Name of Durga 1 Girl
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black like night 11 Girl
Kaishori Goddess Parvati, Consort of Kishor 9 Girl
Kalamanjiiraranjini Wearing a musical anklet 4 Girl
Karaali The violent 8 Girl
Katyayani Goddess Parvati, Dressed in red, An epithet of Durga's and Parvati 8 Girl
Kaumaari The beautiful adolescent 3 Girl
Komaari The beautiful adolescent 5 Girl
Kriya Performance 1 Girl
Krrooraa Brutal on demons 7 Girl
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate 1 Girl
Maaheshvari Power of Lord Mahesha (Lord Shiva) 6 Girl
Maatangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga 3 Girl
Madhukaitabhahantri Slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and kaitabha 8 Girl
Mahaabala Having immense strength, Great strength, Enormously strong Lord 22 Girl
Mahatapa With severe penance 7 Girl
Mahishasuramardini Goddess who killed demon mahishasura 6 Girl
Mahodari One who has huge belly which stores the universe 6 Girl
Manah Mind 1 Girl
Matangamunipujita Worshipped by sage Matanga 11 Girl
Muktakesha One who has open tresses 11 Girl
Narayani Belonging to Naarayan, Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna, Another name for Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and the river ganges 11 Girl
Nishumbhashumbhahanani Slayer of the demon-brothers shumbha nishumbha 7 Girl
Paatala Goddess Durga, Red in color 7 Girl
Paatalavati Wearing red-color attire 5 Girl
Parameshvari Goddess Durga, Supreme ruler, The supreme Goddess, Name of a Raaga composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Name of Durga 5 Girl
Pattaambaraparidhaana Wearing a dress made of leather 5 Girl
Pinaakadharini One who holds the trident of Lord Shiva 8 Girl
Pratyaksha One who is real 3 Girl
Praudha One who is old 6 Girl
Purushaakriti One who takes the form of a Man 1 Girl
Ratnapriya Lover of jewels, Adorned 6 Girl
Raudramukhi One who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra 8 Girl
Rudrakali Goddess Durga, Rudra - crying, Roaring, Consort of Shiva, Name of a consort of Vasudeva, Name of a daughter of raudrashva, Epithet of Parvati, Kali - the black one 5 Girl
Saadhvi Religious women, Courteous, Polite, Simple, Loyal, Decent, Worthy, Chaste, Devout worthy 1 Girl
Sadagati Always in motion, Bestowing Moksha salvation 8 Girl
Sarvaastradhaarini Possessor of all the missile weapons 4 Girl
Sarvadaanavaghaatini Possessing the power to kill all the demons 3 Girl
Sarvamantramayi One who possess all the instruments of thought 5 Girl
Sarvashaastramayi One who is deft in all theories 7 Girl
Sarvasuravinasha Destroyer of all demons 5 Girl
Sarvavahanavahana One who rides all vehicles 11 Girl
Sarvavidya Knowledgeable 5 Girl
Sati Partner, Chaste woman 4 Girl
Satta One who is above all 7 Girl
Satya Truth, Real, Another name for Durga's and Sita 3 Girl
Satyanandasvarupini Form of eternal bliss 4 Girl
Savitri A Ray of light, Hymn, A form of the Devi 8 Girl
Shaambhavi Consort of Shambhu, Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Shivadooti Ambassador of Lord Shiva 5 Girl
Shooldharini One who holds a monodent 6 Girl
Sundari Beautiful, Angel 5 Girl
Sursundari Extremely beautiful 9 Girl
Tapasvini One who is engaged in penance 3 Girl
Trinetra Goddess Durga, Three eyed 6 Girl
Vaarahi One who rides on varaah, Is one of the matrikas, A group of seven or eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion 6 Girl
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