Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Sha

Total 158 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'Sha' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Shaady Singer 22 Boy
Shaaf One who gives health 8 Boy
Shaafi Pure, Clear, Crystal 8 Boy
Shaan Pride, Peaceful 7 Boy
Shaar Habit, Custom, Name of Lord Ayyappa, Arrow 2 Boy
Shaariq Intelligent, Brilliance 1 Boy
Shaarwin Victory 3 Boy
Shaaz Unique, One in many 1 Boy
Shabah Resembling, Morning, Dawn 3 Boy
Shabar Lord Shiva, Water, The vital element for life, Name of Shiva 22 Boy
Shabarish Lord Ayyappa 4 Boy
Shabaz Beautiful, Handsome, Intelligent, Protected by Allah, Self confidence, Respectful 3 Boy
Shabb Young 5 Boy
Shabd Awaz sound, Akhar word 7 Boy
Shabi A leading scholar of his time, Especially for the Hadith, Sweet, Sabine 3 Boy
Shabib A scholar who wrote about Quran 5 Boy
Shabin From the name sabine An italian culture 8 Boy
Shabir Pious, Beautiful 3 Boy
Shachin Lord Indra, Pure existence, Affectionate, Epithet of Shiva 8 Boy
Shadab Green, Fresh, Wet, Ever-green 8 Boy
Shadah Pleasant, Happy, Jovial 5 Boy
Shadual Someone who has happiness 3 Boy
Shafay Intercessor, Mediator 6 Boy
Shafee Giving shaft, Honest, Truthful, Healer 8 Boy
Shafi Giving shaft, Honest, Truthful, Healer 7 Boy
Shafin He who cures 3 Boy
Shafiq Affectionate, Compassionate, Soft, Pardoning, Tender, Kind 6 Boy
Shagdav Suggest meaning 8 Boy
Shah King, Able 9 Boy
Shahab Shooting star, Cloud, Mercury 3 Boy
Shahalad Joy 9 Boy
Shahan King, One of the kauravas 6 Boy
Shahant Slayer of Aksha 8 Boy
Shaheem Intelligent 5 Boy
Shaheen Falcon, Hawk (Garuda) 6 Boy
Shahid Honey, Witness, Patriot 4 Boy
Shahruz Great river 11 Boy
Shaiel Glittering Like Stars 9 Boy
Shail Mountain, Rocky 22 Boy
Shaildhar One who holds mountain 8 Boy
Shailen King of mountains 5 Boy
Shailesh God of mountain, Himalaya 9 Boy
Shaiv Pure and innocent, Holy, A sect worshipping Shiva 5 Boy
Shajee Bold, Courageous, King of noble men 3 Boy
Shaji Bold, Courageous, King of noble men 2 Boy
Shakeb Patience 1 Boy
Shakeel Handsome 7 Boy
Shakib Patience 5 Boy
Shakir Thankful 3 Boy
Shakunt Blue Jay 22 Boy
Shalang Emperor 8 Boy
Shaligram Lord Vishnu, Refers to a fossilized shell 7 Boy
Shalik A sage 6 Boy
Shalina Courteous 1 Boy
Shalya An arrow 3 Boy
Shamak Makes peace, Peaceful, Lord Buddha 8 Boy
Shamakarn Lord Shiva, The one who has black ears 5 Boy
Shaman Jasmine, Soothing, Purifying, Hymn, Prosperous, Universal plentiful 2 Boy
Shamant Universal, Whole, Lord Rama 22 Boy
Shamanth Universal, Whole, Lord Rama 3 Boy
Shamas The Sun, Sunny 7 Boy
Shameej Suggest meaning 7 Boy
Shameek Ancient sage, Peaceful, Restrained 8 Boy
Shameer A message or tidings or that which is heard, Rock that can penetrate metal 6 Boy
Shamel All comprehensive, Complete 22 Boy
Shami Fire, Name of a tree, Work 5 Boy
Shamik Ancient sage, Peaceful, Restrained 7 Boy
Shamil All comprehensive, Complete, Peacemaker 8 Boy
Shamim Fragrance, Fragrant, Sincere, Genuine, Pure, True 9 Boy
Shamindra Quiet, Gentle 6 Boy
Shamir A message or tidings or that which is heard, Rock that can penetrate metal 5 Boy
Shamis The Sun, Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Shamit Peacemaker, Who is calm and disciplined, Peaceful, Calmed, Prepared 7 Boy
Shamith Peacemaker, Who is calm and disciplined, Peaceful, Calmed, Prepared 6 Boy
Shammas A Companion of the Prophet PBUH; Bin Usman Al-makhzumi RA; Who was Martyred at Badr 2 Boy
Shams Fragrance, The Sun 6 Boy
Shamsh Fragrance, The Sun 5 Boy
Shamshad Beautiful 1 Boy
Shamshu Beautiful 8 Boy
Shamya Blessings, One who listens, Exalted, Noble, Much praised 22 Boy
Shamyak Enough 6 Boy
Shan Pride, Peaceful 6 Boy
Shanan Gaining, Acquiring 3 Boy
Shanay Ancient, One that will last forever 5 Boy
Shanen Wise, River 7 Boy
Shanith Obtainment 7 Boy
Shankar Lord Shiva, Causing happiness, Conferring good fortune, Auspicious, An epithet of Shiva, Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy shankaracharya, Name of a Raaga 9 Boy
Shankaran Sinkam 6 Boy
Shankarshan Brother of Lord Krishna 6 Boy
Shankh A shell, Conch, Auspicious, A number equivalent to 10 billion crores 7 Boy
Shankha A shell, Conch, Auspicious, A number equivalent to 10 billion crores 8 Boy
Shankhi Ocean 7 Boy
Shankhin Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh 3 Boy
Shankir Lord Shiva, One who causes happiness 8 Boy
Shanmukha Shanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam son of Lord Shiva, Lord kartikeyalord Murugan (First son of Lord Shiva) 6 Boy
Shant Saintly person, Tranquil, Calm, Saint 8 Boy
Shantam Quite 22 Boy
Shantan King, Whole 5 Boy
Shantanav Bhishma pitamaha 1 Boy
Shantanu Wholesome, A king from the epic Mahabharata (Great grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas; Father of Bhishma, Chitranga and Vichitravirya; Married to Ganga and Satyavati.) 8 Boy
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