Hastha Nakshatra Names For Girl

Total 258 Hindu Girl Names For 'Hastha' Nakshatra Found
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Pooja Idol worship 3 Girl
Poojasri Goddess Lakshmi, Worship 4 Girl
Poojita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess 5 Girl
Poojitha To be worshipped 4 Girl
Poomitha Strong; Golden Eyes; Smoothing Flowers 7 Girl
Poorbi A classical melody, From the east 3 Girl
Poorika Complete 4 Girl
Poornakamala A blooming lotus 1 Girl
Poornalalitha Name of a Raga 7 Girl
Poornamasi Goddess Yogamaya 4 Girl
Poornathva Perfection 4 Girl
Poornima Full Moon 11 Girl
Poorti Supply, Satisfaction 3 Girl
Poorva Earlier, One, Elder, East 6 Girl
Poorvabhadra Name of a star 4 Girl
Poorvaganga River Narmada 9 Girl
Poorvaja Elder sister, Complete 8 Girl
Poorvi A classical melody, From the east 5 Girl
Poorvijha Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Poorvika Orient, Formerly 8 Girl
Pooshitha Nourished, Defended, Loved 3 Girl
Poovithana Suggest meaning 4 Girl
Pubi The wind which passes through east 3 Girl
Puchi Sweet 3 Girl
Puja Idol worship 3 Girl
Pujasatya Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Pujeetha To be worshipped 5 Girl
Puji Gentle 2 Girl
Pujita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess 5 Girl
Pujitha To be worshipped 4 Girl
Pujya Respectable 1 Girl
Pujya Srita Goddess Lakshmi (Pujya - respectable Sritha - dressed, Prepared, Mixed 5 Girl
Pulakitha Shivering with Joy 9 Girl
Pulkita Embraced 9 Girl
Puloma Delighted (Wife of the sage Bhrigu) 6 Girl
Puma Complete, Content 6 Girl
Pumima Night of the full Moon 1 Girl
Punai Achiever, Eastern, Amusicalraagini 7 Girl
Punam Full Moon 2 Girl
Punarnava A star 9 Girl
Punarvika Star 5 Girl
Punasvitha Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Pundari Holy 11 Girl
Puneeta Love, Pure, Sacred, Devout 1 Girl
Punita Love, Pure, Sacred, Devout 9 Girl
Punitha Love, Pure, Sacred, Devout 8 Girl
Punthali A doll 11 Girl
Punyaa Good work, The Goddess who appreciates good deeds, Virtue, Purity, Tulsi or holy Basil, Sacred, Auspicious, Fair, Worthy 6 Girl
Punyakeerthi Goddess Durga, She who is famous for good deeds 9 Girl
Punyapriya A loving person 11 Girl
Purala Goddess Durga, Guardian of fortresses 6 Girl
Purandeswari Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Purandhri Same as Gayatri 1 Girl
Puri City 1 Girl
Purna Complete 7 Girl
Purnima Full Moon 11 Girl
Purnita Complete, Fulfilled 9 Girl
Purushaakriti One who takes the form of a Man 1 Girl
Puruva Eastern, Elder 9 Girl
Purva Earlier, One, Elder, East 6 Girl
Purvaja Elder sister, Complete 8 Girl
Purvi A classical melody, From the east 5 Girl
Purvika Orient, Formerly 8 Girl
Purvil Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Pusha Nourishing 2 Girl
Pushaan A sage, God of fertility, Provider, Protector 8 Girl
Pushana Provider, Protector 8 Girl
Pushpa Flower 9 Girl
Pushpagandha Juhi flower 8 Girl
Pushpaja Nectar 11 Girl
Pushpaki Mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu 11 Girl
Pushpalata Flower creeper, Flower 7 Girl
Pushpalatha Flower creeper, Flower 6 Girl
Pushpalathika Name of a Raga 8 Girl
Pushpangata Juhi flower 7 Girl
Pushpanjali Flower offering 1 Girl
Pushpasri Bunch of flowers 1 Girl
Pushpavathi Decorated with flowers 6 Girl
Pushpita Decorated with flowers, One that has flowered 11 Girl
Pushpitha Decorated with flowers, One that has flowered 1 Girl
Pushthi Confirmation, Healthy, Possessor of all wealth, Nourishment, Endorsement 11 Girl
Pushti Confirmation, Healthy, Possessor of all wealth, Nourishment, Endorsement 3 Girl
Pushya 8th Nakshathra 9 Girl
Pushyaja Born from flower 11 Girl
Pushymi Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Pustak Book 7 Girl
Pusti Confirmation, Healthy, Possessor of all wealth, Nourishment, Endorsement 22 Girl
Putana Blowing Hard, Demon 1 Girl
Putul Doll 9 Girl
Puvika The One who is in Behavior 8 Girl
Shaachi Suggest meaning (Celebrity Name: Kumar Gaurav) 4 Girl
Shaakha Branch 22 Girl
Shaambhavi Consort of Shambhu, Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Shaantiva Peaceful, Friendly, Benevolent, A deity 5 Girl
Shaarav Pure and innocent 7 Girl
Shaaravi Innocence, Purity 7 Girl
Shaarini The earth, Protector, Guardian 7 Girl
Shabalini A mossy 3 Girl
Shabara Distinguished, Marked 5 Girl
Shabari A tribal devotee of Lord Rama, One who lives in Sabari hill, Lord Ayyappa (Devotee of Ram who offered him berry fruit) 4 Girl
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