Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Prayer'

Total 43 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Prayer'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aarthi Way of offering prayer to God 3 Girl
Anny Prayer 9 Girl
Aradhan Worship, Prayer, Pooja 11 Girl
Arthi Way of offering prayer to God 11 Girl
Asis Blessing, Prayer, Benediction 3 Girl
Athira Prayer or quick or lightening, Pray 3 Girl
Atira Prayer, Quick, Lightening, Pray, Name of a star 22 Girl
Bandana Salute, Bright star, Worship, Praise 1 Girl
Bandna Prayer 9 Girl
Bhakthi Devotion, Prayer 5 Girl
Bhakti Devotion, Prayer 6 Girl
Dheeti Thought, Idea, Prayer, Wisdom 6 Girl
Dhithi Thought, Idea, Prayer, Wisdom 4 Girl
Dhiti Thought, Idea, Prayer, Wisdom 5 Girl
Dua Prayer 8 Girl
Duaa Prayer 9 Girl
Eesha Desire, Attractive 2 Girl
Eisha Desire, Attractive 6 Girl
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayer 9 Girl
Ibtihal Prayer, Supplication 7 Girl
Isha Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior, Another name for Lord Vishnu 1 Girl
Kirtan Name of Lord Murugan, Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of education, Purifying, Fire 1 Girl
Mati The Moon, Thought, Prayer, Mind, Decision, Respect, Will decision, Intelligence, Memory 7 Girl
Minati Prayer 3 Girl
Pernita Answered prayer 11 Girl
Pernitha Answered prayer 1 Girl
Poojita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess 5 Girl
Pranathi Namaste, Prayer 6 Girl
Pranati Namaste, Prayer 7 Girl
Prarthana Prayer 7 Girl
Pujita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A Goddess 5 Girl
Ryka Born out of a hymn, Prayer 1 Girl
Saanjali Hand clasped in prayer 22 Girl
Sana Praise, Prayer, Art (Celebrity Name: Saurav Ganguly) 8 Girl
Sanaa Praise, Prayer, Art 9 Girl
Sanjali Hand clasped in prayer 3 Girl
Swarana Prayer of God 5 Girl
Vandna Prayer 2 Girl
Vinanthi Prayer, Request, Humility 7 Girl
Vinanti Prayer, Request, Humility 8 Girl
Vinathi Prayer, Request, Humility 11 Girl
Vinati Prayer, Request, Humility 3 Girl
Yachana Entreaty, Prayer, Pleading 8 Girl
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