Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Happy'

Total 602 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Happy'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aahlaad Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness 1 Boy
Aahlad Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness 9 Boy
Aakampan Unshaken, Calm, Determined 22 Boy
Aakarsh Attractive 5 Boy
Aakarshak Attractive 8 Boy
Aamish Honest, Trustworthy, Pleasing 6 Boy
Aamodin Happy, Sweet fragrant, Celebrated 3 Boy
Aarjav Honest, Sincere, One whose steadfast in happiness and sorrow 8 Boy
Aarsh Bright, Hero, Truthfulness, Dominion, Crown, Pure, Worshipped, Divine 2 Boy
Aasaal Evening time, Real, Pure 8 Boy
Aashutosh One who fulfills wishes instantly, Content, Happy, Another name for Lord Shiva 4 Boy
Aatmaram One who is Happy in his own self 5 Boy
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the extremely pure 3 Boy
Abdus Subooh Slave of the extremely pure 1 Boy
Abhayankar Powerful and complete 1 Boy
Abhijay Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory 11 Boy
Abhijaya Victorious, Conquest, Complete victory 3 Boy
Abrik Precious like God 5 Boy
Abyaz White, Pure 1 Boy
Adeel Judge, Honest, Upright, Justice, Sincere, Just 9 Boy
Adel Judge, Honest, Upright, Justice, Sincere, Just 4 Boy
Adil Judge, Honest, Upright, Justice, Sincere, Just 8 Boy
Afiq Honest 6 Boy
Ahlad Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness 8 Boy
Ainitosh Happy 5 Boy
Akalin Pure 3 Boy
Akalroop Of eternal form, Of eternal beauty 8 Boy
Akand Calm 4 Boy
Akarsh Attractive 22 Boy
Akarsh Shubhan Attractive 5 Boy
Akhil Complete 5 Boy
Akmal Complete 11 Boy
Akrash Attractive 22 Boy
Alagarasu Handsome king, King of beauty 9 Boy
Al-Quddus The holy, The divine, The pure, The purifier 6 Boy
Amaay Lord Ganesh, Free from error or deceit, Not cunning 5 Boy
Amal Bright, Hope, Pure, Hardworking, Optimistic, Expectation, Brillinat, Another name for Narayana, Clean 9 Boy
Amalbir Pure and brave 11 Boy
Amalesh The pure one 5 Boy
Amalinder Pure God 5 Boy
Amaljot Pure flame 9 Boy
Ameen Faithful, Trustworthy, Honest 2 Boy
Amin Faithful, Trustworthy, Honest 1 Boy
Amish Honest, Trustworthy, Pleasing 5 Boy
Amritpal Early bird, Pure, Richness 9 Boy
Amuthan Amuthan is derived from the word amurtham. this means the purity. it is the precious one 6 Boy
Anakul Calm 6 Boy
Aniij Charming 7 Boy
Animash Bright, To stare open-eyed, Divine, Omnipresent, Omniscient 11 Boy
Animesh Bright, To stare open-eyed, Divine, Omnipresent, Omniscient 6 Boy
Anjas Forthright, Honest, Morally upstanding 9 Boy
Anuh Calm, Without desire, Content 8 Boy
Anupam Incomparable, Precious, Unique 3 Boy
Aqdas Holy, Pure 6 Boy
Arhant Destroyer of enemies, Calm, Benevolent, Another name for Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Arjun Fair, Open minded, Pure, Brilliant, A pandava Prince, Bright 1 Boy
Arshad Pious, Better guided, Honest 6 Boy
Arujas Free from disease, Healthy, Active, Happy 7 Boy
As'ad Happy and fortunate 7 Boy
Asaja Calm 5 Boy
Ashan More attractive, Gratitude, Thankfulness, Obligation, Rock, Strong, To pervade, To eat, Food 7 Boy
Ashesh Perfect, Complete, Godly 6 Boy
Ashok Happy, Content, Without grief, A king of the mauryan dynasty, One without sorrow 9 Boy
Ashooja Eternally Happy, Blessed 6 Boy
Ashul No obstacles, Calm, One who meets no obstacles, Happy 7 Boy
Ashwani Strong and complete (Son of Lord Sun) 3 Boy
Avaya First rays of the Sun, Gift of God 5 Boy
Aveen Beauty, Son of Ashim 2 Boy
Avikrut Pure 3 Boy
Avin Beauty, Son of Ashim 1 Boy
Avya To arrive or to inform, The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure 4 Boy
Ayaaz Respected and enduring, A sincere slave of Mahmood the king once upon a time 9 Boy
Ayaz Respected and enduring, A sincere slave of Mahmood the king once upon a time 8 Boy
Baasim Smiling, Happy 9 Boy
Bahat Beauty 5 Boy
Bala Mohan One who is attractive 4 Boy
Balmohan One who is attractive 3 Boy
Banaah Tall and attractive 9 Boy
Bandhul Pleasing, Charming 8 Boy
Bandhula Pleasing, Charming 9 Boy
Barminder Gods given beauty 3 Boy
Basim Smiling, Happy 8 Boy
Behzad Honest and caring 1 Boy
Bhaavan Creator, Solicitous, Charming, Brilliant, Another name for Lord Krishna, Palace 22 Boy
Bhagan Happy 6 Boy
Bhavan Creator, Solicitous, Charming, Brilliant, Another name for Lord Krishna, Palace 3 Boy
Bilawal Happy, God like 6 Boy
Bimal Pure, White, Bright 1 Boy
Bimaljot Pure light 1 Boy
Biral Priceless, Precious 6 Boy
Bukka Heart, Loving, Sincere 1 Boy
Cemal Perfect beauty 7 Boy
Chaand Sincere wish, The Moon, To shine 22 Boy
Chandramohan Attractive like the Moon 1 Boy
Charudatt Born with beauty 6 Boy
Charudatta Born with beauty 7 Boy
Charudutta Born with beauty 9 Boy
Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty 3 Boy
Charuvindha Striving for beauty 1 Boy
Chedi Which cut and break, Leader, Charming, Wise, King and founder of the Chedi dynasty 11 Boy
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