Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Generous'

Total 53 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Generous'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Abdul Kareem Servant of the noble, Generous one 3 Boy
Abdul Karim Servant of the noble, Generous one 11 Boy
Ajwad More generous 3 Boy
Al-Karim The bountiful, The generous 2 Boy
Al-KarÎm The generous 2 Boy
Anav Ocean, King, Rich, Generous, Kind, Humane 11 Boy
Ataubaq Handsome, Beautiful, Helpful, Generous and got a lot of Love to share 9 Boy
Basita Generous 7 Boy
Fayaaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generous 6 Boy
Fayaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generous 5 Boy
Fayyad Overflowing, Generous 8 Boy
Fayyaz Generous, Munificent 3 Boy
Gulbar Shedder of flowers, Generous 7 Boy
Hafi Generous 6 Boy
Hisham Companion of prophet Muhammad, Generous 4 Boy
Hissan Generous 7 Boy
Humam Courageous and generous 2 Boy
Iyaad Generous, A big mountain 22 Boy
Iyaaz Generous 8 Boy
Iyad Generous, A big mountain 3 Boy
Jawad Liberal, Eternal, Jawad 3 Boy
Kaamod One who grants wishes, Generous, A musical Raag 9 Boy
Kamod One who grants wishes, Generous, A musical Raag 8 Boy
Kareem Generous, Noble, Friendly, Precious and distinguished, Kind 8 Boy
Karim Generous, Noble, Friendly, Precious and distinguished, Kind 6 Boy
Karin Purity, To achieve, Celebrating, Happy 8 Boy
Karnan Mythological character - eldest of the pandavas. he was generous, Loyal, And always kept his word 5 Boy
Khayyir Generous 7 Boy
Kiram Generous 7 Boy
Kripal Merciful, Kind, Generous 4 Boy
Mahodara Generous and kind 7 Boy
Maiman Liberal, Generous, Another name for God 6 Boy
Makram Generous, Noble 3 Boy
Munim Generous 7 Boy
Murtaja Another name of Ali, The generous, The giving 3 Boy
Murtaza Another name of Ali, The generous, The giving 1 Boy
Nabeel Noble, Generous 3 Boy
Nabil Noble, Generous, Peacock 2 Boy
Nawfal Generous, Old Arabic name of the sea 3 Boy
Niddha Generous, With a treasure, Determined, Assiduous 4 Boy
Prahan Person who is very kind and generous 4 Boy
Raadhak Generous, Liberal 8 Boy
Raadhik Generous, Successful, Wealthy 7 Boy
Radhak Generous, Liberal 7 Boy
Sarvan Worthy, Affectionate, Generous 7 Boy
Shishay Munificent, Generous 8 Boy
Tamam Generous 3 Boy
Tammam Generous 7 Boy
Udar Generous 8 Boy
Vadanya Generous, Eloquent, Prosperous, Articulate 5 Boy
Vann Generous 6 Boy
Vardhin Growing, Auspicious, Generous 4 Boy
Yajak Sacrificing priest, Religious, Generous 3 Boy
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